Presentations can be readied off-the-shelf or customized to fit your needs. Keynotes usually last between 45-90 mins. Timing can be flexed to fit your needs. Trainings typically last a minimum of 2 hours and as long as several days.

Board facilitation is common

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"For faster engagement
and easier sales..."

-Thaddeus Rex, Inc.

Why Charisma? It's all about increasing your ROI.


Your brand is interfacing with the outside world countless times each day. Salespeople meet with prospects. Support people field phone calls. Subscribers consume content. Everyone sends and receives email, and on and on.

If we can effortlessly infuse thoughtful, strategic charisma into each and every interaction, our businesses utterly transform.

This is what the training is all about. And the beauty is, it doesn't have to cost you any extra time.

Every interaction is like a mini-performance, and your customers have front row seats. Injecting charisma into that performance doesn't take any more time, but it touches the audience in a more effective way. Notice we're not doing any extra work. We're not doing the performance twice. We're just performing at a higher, more effective level.

The trick is to re-wire your team so they can effortlessly join in singing your unique song, unforgettably, and with "perfect pitch."

Call it the science of charisma. Call it strategic customer service sales training. Call it what you want. Just know how to leverage every brand interaction for maximum return.

With the right mindset there is no competition. You become sole provider to the world. Let's find the path and leave them chanting your brand.

*according to Schmitt, Skiera, Van den Bulte et al., American Marketing Association, Journal of Marketing, Vol. 75 (Jan 2011)