Seminars run 4 or 6 hours 

Enjoy 2 presenters:
Thaddeus Rex & Dr. Albano
Your questions rock!

To shout 'em out: 1-800-204-1859

"Great products are like a hit song, grabbing our attention and never letting go!" -Thaddeus Rex

Great products are like a hit song, grabbing our attention and never letting go. The best inspire us to act, to enjoy, and to tell our friends. Let's get behind the scenes to explore the cutting edge techniques our biggest icons use to engage, empower and excite more customers.

You will:

  • discover the 4 most common marketing mistakes (and how you avoid 'em)
  • Strengthen customer attraction with our 3 pillar system
  • Take your pitch through a 7 point process to get more attention

With specific techniques to get people excited about you, your services, and products, we'll explore the latest research in motivation and opinion formation. What Rock Stars accomplish by instinct, we can master through science.

With the right mindset there is no competition. You become sole provider to the world. Let's find the path and leave them chanting your brand.

We've recognized, your corporate persona is only as good as your employees make it.

We are pleased to announce, for a limited time, Dr. Joe Albano (organizational psychology) has joined Inspire Like a Rock Star to help you get employees 'fully engaged!'.

A world renowned consultant and creator of the 9 step employee brand aligment process, Dr. Albano will be joining Thaddeus Rex at specially designated Inspire Like a Rock Star seminars to ensure your access to the world's best employee engagement tools.
Don't miss this opportunity to experience Thaddeus Rex's unique techniques and Dr. Albano's famous tools. Together we'll inspire customer adulation and leave employees chanting your brand!

* - according to the Journal of Marketing article, Referral Programs and Customer Value by Philipp Schmitt and Bernd Skiera (E-Finance Lab at the House of Finance School of Business and Economics, Goethe University Frankfurt) and Christophe Van den Bulte of the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.