Presentation Performance Assessment


Presentation Performance Assessment

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Upon purchasing - you will be sent an email within 24 hours including a few questions about your goals and concerns, along with a request for copies of your current presentations - video, scripts and photos are all helpful in making an accurate assessment. Most importantly, the assessment includes a 45 minute one-on-one meeting to assess your current performance skills. This assessment becomes a baseline used to set goals and measure success.

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Presentation Performance Assessment

We’re about to uncover the current strengths and weaknesses of your stage presence. Remember, there are no perfect performances and no incorrect performances. There is simply you, your Stuff, and all that Charisma resting below the surface, just waiting to go…

Your Audience is about to get lucky. They’re about to get YOU!

Every great presentation is built upon 3 Rings of Personal Power. It’s all about connecting your Purpose and Presence to their Perceptions.


Why should anyone take the time to care about you and your message?

Every presenter needs a purpose, a vision, and a mission behind their performance. We care when you show us how. Change the way we feel, and we’ll feel the way to change. But we can’t go there with you unless you’ve gone there first. How well are your presentations crafted to connect with clarity, insight, and emotional energy?


How will you help us see and trust your point of view…

Here we rate the power of your Story, your image, and your body language too. Are your creating a consistent, congruent, and captivating presence?


If it doesn’t change the way they think, feel, or act, your presentation has failed. It’s in your Audience’s reaction that value is created. Shift a paradigm. Motivate a movement. Inspire their actions. Or are you doing any of these as well as you could just yet…?