THE science of charisma

-be compelling-

KEYNOTE VERSION: an unforgettable 45-60 mins of core content
TRAINING VERSION: description below

Hear the laughter. Feel the power. And discover new tools to catapult your charisma and influence. What rock stars manage by instinct, we can master through science.

Imagine everybody on the team talking about you and your stuff, when you're the one able to spread contagious enthusiasm for any idea. It starts with you, your brand, and all that Charisma resting below the surface, just waiting to go...


  • How to use the Science behind Charisma
  • The 5 Factors of Competitive Edge you can implement to become more compelling
  • Rapport's biggest barrier and how you sail past it
  • Apply 6 Elements of Audience Attraction to accelerate your influence

Phoenix Yourself

-reversing disruption-

We live in a world where industries collapse overnight. Kodak, Blockbuster, MySpace and more... Whether your company, your career, or your certification, the assets we're so confidently using today could be useless tomorrow.

And yet you will keep going. And your direction is directed by you. What if you had a strategy for finding new opportunities, inside even the strongest upheavals? What if you could rely on a process for reversing disruption, even in chaotic times?

You'll learn the tools for reinventing your business and refreshing your career. A forest must burn down to allow for new growth. Chaos creates opportunity. It starts with you, your brand, and all that Charisma resting below the surface, just waiting to go...


  • How The Science of Charisma can influence the world around you
  • How you use the 5 Factors of Competitive Edge to regain control
  • A simple trick to make yourself irreplaceable in the customers' eyes
  • 3 Laws of Human nature you can use to harness loyalty
I continue to receive positive feedback... You’re one of the best speakers we’ve ever had!
— Cathy Hays, Audit Director, First Bank Richmond


-stay in front through rapid technological change-

KEYNOTE: 60-90 mins of transformative inspiration

You know the extreme satisfaction of helping others. You know what it takes to make the perfect sale and leave a happier customer behind.

Customer Service is your stage, and your people own the show. Sure we evolve. Though our message and brand stay the same, our mouthpiece keeps changing. What used to happen solely in person and on the phone has spread across Facebook, Twitter and more.

But you don't even care. You switch microphones at will. No way mere technology is going to stand between you and your team's passion for customer smiles.


  • The key to finding inspiration in technology
  • A simple technique, proven at Stanford to help us learn new skills faster and more easily
  • The secret to helping our team maintain their own self-motivation while making new challenges more festive and fun.
  • Using the company's internal brand to make work more fulfilling


    Good content, inspiring & awesome!
    — Debbie Webb, underwriting, NPR