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BRAND AND CHARISMA STRATEGY: A national keynoter, PBS veteran, and founder of The Science of Charisma, Thaddeus created this process to not only make your team more engaging and influential, but to keep them motivated to always be promoting your vision and goals. Because we can't tell them what to say about you in their free time, but we can motivate them to stay genuinely excited for your success.


Dr. Joe Albano

MAKING BUSINESS AGILE: An expert in organizational systems, Dr. Albano has helped companies like Microsoft, DHL, Tyco and many more around the globe reach peak performance. His process makes teams more agile by optimizing communication and cooperation between departments while helping leadership integrate competing incentives into common goals.



LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT: As an industry leader for over two decades, president of two international organizations, and a former Sr. VP at Lee Hecht Harrison , Dr. Maitlen has helped companies like PNG, GM, Kroger, US Dept. of Labor, and countless others coach their top executives, scientists, board members and other decision makers to reach their highest levels of personal and professional excellence.


alexandra rufatto-perry, M.a., CCc-slp

INTERPERSONAL EQ SKILLS: A nationally certified Speech Language Pathologist and an EQ-i 2.0 certified administrator, Alexandra began her career in healthcare, improving adult neurology and communication in inpatient/outpatient settings. Her scientific mind drew her to the study of emotional intelligence in corporate communications as a tool for creating healthier businesses.  She's enjoyed helping team members at companies like Roche, Anthem, Cisco and more identify and improve their own interpersonal communication skills.


Jodee curtis, SHRM-SCP, CPA

TALENT ACQUISITION: With 24 years experience in HR and accounting, JoDee brings a unique business perspective to processes; A Gallup-certified Strengths Coach and faculty member for National SHRM, she helps companies understand each team member's strengths to optimize your talent acquisition strategy.

Lindsay_Boccardo_Headshot _2017_lowres.jpg


MILLENNIAL ENGAGEMENT: A nationally sought Millennial expert, Lindsay Boccardo bridges the communications gap between young talent and the organizations employing them. Her impressive results have enabled teams at, Intern Bridge, The Indiana Supreme Court, and many more create opportunities for millennials to contribute more effectively, making the entire team more effective.