Brand Profile and Messaging Assessment


Brand Profile and Messaging Assessment

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Upon purchase, you will be sent a document for download. The document has instructions, and a link to access your own brand assessment.

This is a timed assessment gives you a snapshot overview of your brand's strengths and weaknesses. How is your brand being perceived right now?!

  • A link will be emailed to you upon purchase
  • The assessment takes 30-40 minutes to complete.
  • A 45 minute one-on-one Results and Review session with Thaddeus Rex is included.
  • Your R&R session will be scheduled directly after you’ve completed your portion of the assessment questionnaire.

We’re about to uncover the current status of your brand. Remember, there are no right brands and no wrong brands. There is simply you, your Stuff, and all that Charisma resting below the surface, just waiting to go...

Your prospects are about to get lucky. They’re about to get YOU!

-Thaddeus Rex

ASSESSMENT OVERVIEW:STUFF : All you build and do - your products, service and more...  There are 5 Factors of Competitive Edge, and every customer must see you offering at least one better than any competitor before they buy... Do you know which will unlock your competitive edge?

STORY: Drawing customers to your Stuff - billboards, tweets, LinkedIN, website, etc... We'll look at the 4 Components of Compelling Messages - Are yours properly structured, consistent and making you money?

AUDIENCE: The people you'd like to attract - customers, investors, employees... We've identified 6 Elements of Audience Attraction - and the world's fastest growing brands are nailing all 6 to the wall... Are you?