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Be Compelling


Be Compelling

Your brand is a song:

The Science of Charisma - Thaddeus Rex demonstrates a music business technique you can use to make your brand instantly compelling.

Review of Research pt 1:

Here Thaddeus explains the difference between Fast Thinking and Slow Thinking (D. Kahneman) and how it affects your branding and even your team's ability to network.

more customers now:

Thaddeus Rex explains key components of successful branding, and how to use it to help you business leap into growth.


CONTAGIOUS CULTURE - boost engagement and retention

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Name (optional)
This was truly fantastic, the way you connected with and inspired the whole room to try something new!
— Priscilla Sutherland, Dir. of Consumer Affairs, Butterball, LLC


"I could feel goosebumps in the room."

-Executive Director, American Advertising Federation-ECI



We do provide services helping companies manage targeted digital advertising. If you would like to opt out of the ability to have advertisements targeted to your interests, you can click here: https://www.networkadvertising.org/


Messaging Strategy

Who's your competition - why should we choose you?

Messaging Strategy

Who's your competition - why should we choose you?

"There are 5 Factors every customer considers before making a purchase. These are the 5 chances your business has to stand out, to get their business. Which Factor are you emphasizing in your messaging and is your whole team supporting it consistently?" -Thaddeus Rex
Love the “WIIFM” (What’s In It For Me!!) approach with the understanding of the long term benefit.
— Tim Mandell, COO, Geneseo, Inc.
Great facilitating. This guy is good at what he does!
— Dale Carpenter, Dir. of HR, Manchester University
Seriously good STUFF!
— -Chris Fennig, CEO, myfarms.com
comedy sportz-1-27.jpg


"What a cool way to learn!"

-N. Zawicki, Butterball, LLC


"What a cool way to learn!"

-N. Zawicki, Butterball, LLC

THE science of charisma

-be compelling-

KEYNOTE: unforgettable core content in 45, 60 or 90 min lengths

Hear the laughter. Feel the power. And even work together to write a compelling new rock song highlighting everything best about you. Imagine everybody on the team talking about you and your stuff as you become the one able to spread contagious enthusiasm for any idea.

What rock stars manage by instinct, we can master through science. It starts with you, your brand, and all that Charisma resting below the surface, just waiting to go...


  • How to use the Science behind Charisma
  • The 5 Factors of Competitive Edge you can implement to become more compelling
  • Rapport's biggest barrier and how you sail past it
  • Apply 6 Elements of Audience Attraction to accelerate your influence


-reversing disruption-

We live in a world where industries collapse overnight. Kodak, Blockbuster, MySpace and more... Whether your company, your career, or your certification, the assets we're so confidently using today could be useless tomorrow.

And yet you will keep going. And your direction is directed by you. What if you had a strategy for finding new opportunities, inside even the strongest upheavals? What if you could rely on a process for reversing disruption, even in chaotic times?

You'll learn the tools for reinventing your business and refreshing your career. A forest must burn down to allow for new growth. Chaos creates opportunity. It starts with you, your brand, and all that Charisma resting below the surface, just waiting to go...


  • How The Science of Charisma can influence the world around you
  • How you use the 5 Factors of Competitive Edge to regain control
  • A simple trick to make yourself irreplaceable in the customers' eyes
  • 3 Laws of Human nature you can use to harness loyalty
I continue to receive positive feedback... You’re one of the best speakers we’ve ever had!
— Cathy Hays, Audit Director, First Bank Richmond


-stay in front through rapid technological change-

KEYNOTE: 60-90 mins of transformative inspiration

You know the extreme satisfaction of helping others. You know what it takes to make the perfect sale and leave a happier customer behind.

Customer Service is your stage, and your people own the show. Sure we evolve. Though our message and brand stay the same, our mouthpiece keeps changing. What used to happen solely in person and on the phone has spread across Facebook, Twitter and more.

But you don't even care. You switch microphones at will. No way mere technology is going to stand between you and your team's passion for customer smiles.


  • The key to finding inspiration in technology
  • A simple technique, proven at Stanford to help us learn new skills faster and more easily
  • The secret to helping our team maintain their own self-motivation while making new challenges more festive and fun.
  • Using the company's internal brand to make work more fulfilling



With your ideas and energy, you have the ability to lead us all to greatness, to bring our dreams to life. We need your vision to be shared.

In this keynote, sit back and enjoy as we all join forces to brainstorm, write, and record a song about your efforts, your industry, your conference. Along the way, we'll uncover tools and techniques the world’s most famous thought leaders are using every day to keep so many people engaged.

Hear the laugher. Feel the power. And discover how you can leverage the latest research in motivation and opinion formation to increase your influence. What rock stars accomplish by instinct, we can master thru science.


  • 6 Elements of Audience Attraction to accelerate your influence
  • Harness the simple Power of Thankfulness to accelerate your own growth
  • Not only build fans, but use a music industry secret to leave them chanting your brand
  • Rapport's biggest barrier and how you sail past it
    Good content, inspiring & awesome!
    — Debbie Webb, underwriting, NPR

    Charisma Training

    Make Them Want to Talk About You

    Charisma Training

    Make Them Want to Talk About You

    Be Compelling

    Let's teach your team The Science of Charisma. Our proprietary process leverages your company's Story, Brand, and Messaging for a consistent customer experience across every single interaction with your team. Let's help them not only become more engaging and influential, but make them motivated to promote your brand's messaging every time. Your team no longer interacts only with customers, but with family, friends, and many thousands thru social media in their time off. We can't tell them what to do in their free time, but we can motivate them to freely do the right thing. Let's get everyone enthusiastically advancing your vision, your message, and your goals throughout every interaction as we teach your team The Science of Charisma.

    Your Team Will Learn how to:

    • Keep themselves excited and self-motivated to boost the company’s goals
    • Harness their inner Charisma to become more persuasive and compelling
    • Not only recognize rapport’s biggest barrier, but sail right around it
    • Leverage the 6 Elements of Audience Attraction



    Conference Breakout SESSIONS also AVAILABLE:


    -Using the 5 Factors of Competitive Edge-

    How do you beat your competitor and their bigger budgets? There are 5 Factors every customer considers before making a buying decision. These Factors are the key to finding your best possible brand positioning and messaging strategy. Understanding the value of each factor gives you a huge competitive edge, because you need to win that customer’s moment of choice. It starts with you, your Brand, and all that Charisma resting below the surface, just waiting to go....


    • The 5 Factors of Competitive Edge and how to highlight your own
    • Rapport's biggest barrier and how you sail past it
    • The 6 Elements of Audience Attraction and a process to enhance yours
    • How you Checkmate Competitors, so time invested in a prospect becomes time invested in a sale

    Leave them Chanting Your Brand
    — Thaddeus Rex
    Very informative and so relevant!
    — Greg VanLaere, Edward Jones
    Always coming up with ideas when Thaddeus is in the room... (He’s) the only person and content I remember a week later.
    — Lindsay Boccardo, Corporate Millennial Engagement Expert


    The Science of Motivation and How you use it to keep high performance teams motivated, enthusiastic, and effective

    Imagine team members excitedly telling everybody about you and your efforts. Why not make sure they see all they have to gain when promoting your goals.

    In this training, we'll not only explore natural human biases you can leverage to incentivize their actions, we'll show you how you can actually reform their opinions so they truly care about the company and can't wait to help you exceed all your goals.

    This is how some of the world’s most successful companies are getting their people truly engaged, and you can do it too. Your team is about to become so incredibly compelling. It starts with you, your organization, and all that Charisma resting below the surface, just waiting to go…


    • The 5 Factors employees care about most and how you use them to generate contagious enthusiasm throughout the organization
    • 3 Laws of Human Nature you can leverage to remake their opinions, building a self-motivated and enthusiastic team
    • Rapport's biggest barrier and how you sail past it
    • The key to getting your entire team actively excited to expand your influence


    -How to be confident and compelling on video-

    You've already got the personality. You've got the drive. Now let's take that incredible personality you've developed, the impact you're able to make in person and bring that same presence to your social video, media interviews, even your keynote skills.

    It starts by getting your effort, your ability, your hard earned expertise front and center. We know it's where you best belong. The more you're seen, the more you have to offer, after all.


    • The 4 Rings of Performance Power
    • A trick to Hooking Your Audience and keeping them engaged through to the end
    • A 4 step Process for Generating New Material Every Day
    • The Single Biggest Social Video Mistake and How you Sidestep It

    Are you ready?

    Are you ready to push your company forward - are you ready to wield The Science of Charisma?

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    "It's rare to find (a presenter) as imaginative and original as Thaddeus Rex" -Time Out New York


    "It's rare to find (a presenter) as imaginative and original as Thaddeus Rex" -Time Out New York

    With the right brand, you have no competition. You become sole provider to the world.
    — Thaddeus Rex
    What a great speaker and wonderful research
    — Bonnie Maitlen, Senior VP, Lee Hecht Harrison

    Thaddeus's BIO:

    Few presenters have been compared to both Dale Carnegie and David Bowie. Fewer still have the honor of being called “part Monty Python, part Dr. Seuss” by the Washington Post.

    A PBS veteran, national keynoter, and brand positioning expert, Thaddeus Rex is founder of The Science of Charisma, a process for making team members excited to talk you up with uniquely compelling charisma. He recently joined forces with Flint Analytics to found Digital Charisma, a firm designed to help companies with large footprints optimize their analytics to help their brand beat different local competitors across multiple metro areas. He’s worked with Butterball, Australian Gold, Chicago Bears, Rotary International, Indy Eleven, and many more...


    A former Big Brother of America, active Rotarian, entrepreneur, speaker, three-time father, and lucky husband, Thaddeus loves finding time to give back. He finds real life more exciting than any video game, prefers reading over Youtube, and believes your ideas and your effort is the most important part of our future...