How to make your brand charismatic and unforgettable. You can use this little trick of language arts to even become their favorite Brand.

Remember, one of the most important considerations, when training and motivating your team how to talk up the company, is helping them feel they're helping create the messaging - giving them ownership. This is one of the strategies we use to build that momentum. It also tends to be one of the more showy parts components of the training. #goodtimes

This video is from a keynote for Leading Age, an association for Medical Administrators.

Use the Science of Charisma to shine a spotlight on your Stuff. It's like putting your brand on steroids as your audience explodes, and all because your Stories are perfectly helping your Stuff truly shine.

Thaddeus Rex, a brief bio - it's all about jumpstarting the bootstrap.

THE INTERN MEETS SONY RECORDS!: Story of the best intern we've ever seen. He built his personal brand so big, he had charisma in spades...

Watch the Muncie-Delaware Chamber of Commerce get a new brand as Thaddeus takes them through a portion of his facilitation Process with help from the ECI-Social Media Group.

How can we turn up the volume on your Brand. Get noticed for more than just your Story. Your brand is actually much more than just a Story. Stories have a structure. They're linear. They have beginnings, middles and endings. But your brand doesn't end. Your brand keeps going! Help it last forever as customers fall eternally in love with you and your Stuff.

Using The Science of Charisma to create a Contagious Culture and Increase Employee Retention - a presentation to Indiana's Society of Human Resource Managers' Leadership Summit. This program has been approved for Continuing Education Credits (SHRM). Your words are powerful tools. Choose your words carefully. They will impact your culture tremendously.

Watch as Thaddeus helps us to understand how the Science of Charisma can affect sales. The best can Sell It Like a Rock Star!

You have an incredible opportunity, but no one wants your advice. Here's how you get around it to sell, share and offer us more.

Discover a new way to increase your Brand's reach, and how it affects our ability to charismatically engage with our network, our customers, and even our team. The experts have titled it simply, "Fast and Slow Thinking" (D. Kahneman).