These days, everyone posts everything on social media. People scroll through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds, likely taking in only a fraction of the content before their eyes. So how can you get someone to stop and engage with the Story you're telling?

Social video, thanks to features like subtitles and autoplay, make up some of the most eye-catching and popular posts on social media. Check out our 8 Rules for Social Video to learn how to step up your brand's content, then visit our catalog to step up your entire branding process with The Science of Charisma. 

1. One Video, One Takeaway

One video, one idea: share yours with us, we need your greatness!

2. What Do I Do With My Hands?

Why do we suddenly become so aware of our hands on camera and how do we get past the discomfort?

3. The Strength of Weakness

Off to a rocky start? Nobody's perfect, and imperfection is often compelling.

4. Communicating Through the Lens

Why looking into the lens is your best bet for creating a real relationship and rapport with the viewer.

5. Using The 5 Factors of Competitive Edge

Check out this introduction to The 5 Factors of Competitive Edge.

6. Less is More

Be quick, be effective - just like this description.

7. Background Check

The setting and sounds in your social video backgrounds are part of your story - don't overlook these details when creating a consistent and compelling brand story with video!

8. Your Ideas in Motion

Motion can impact a speech more than you'd think. Learn how to keep your Audience's attention and emphasize your Story through movement.

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