Charisma is like a nuclear reaction. When you put the elements together in the right way, your notoriety explodes. People can’t wait to get closer. Competitors don’t stand a chance.

Before we think of competitors. We have to consider the Audience. Who is it you need to attract and influence?

The world is filled with people you might like to influence: Customers, employees, friends, referral partners, team members, and even constituents are different types of Audiences. And they all have options. Any option they might consider in lieu of you is,obviously, a competitor.

Your next, and perhaps most important step is to understanding the 5 Factors of Competitive Edge, is understanding your weaknesses. More than anything in the world, your competitors love your weaknesses.

And we hate them. We loath them. We wish we could sweep them under the rug, never to see them again…

But our weaknesses are out there. Our weaknesses are not only noticed, but remembered. And guess what, our competitors are 100% doing their best to highlight our weaknesses, to make sure the whole world sees our biggest flaws.

Sometimes it feels our weaknesses get more attention than any of our strengths ever will. Those weaknesses are sticking out like a sore thumb!

And sore thumbs hurt. What are we to do...?

But what if we actually tried to stand out like a sore thumb? What if we could somehow use that sore thumb to draw attention to our ourselves? What if, instead of avoiding the sore thumb, we leaned into it?

That sore thumb could become one of our greatest assets. Remember the words of PT Barnum, “all publicity’s good publicity”.

What if that big ugly sore thumb could become the thing that draws in more customers than ever before?

With you and your incredible work ethic, it can be done.


The good news is, standing out can actually be easier when you’re willing to flaunt a weakness. Yes, you still have to work hard to maintain the quality of your actual Stuff, to deliver a way to keep customers delighted with you. But with a few tweaks, you can use even your weaknesses you can outshine every competitor.

The moment you begin standing out is the moment your Audience takes notice. And as they begin seeing what they want is in you, they choose. You win. Your competition immediately begins to fall behind.

You have the tremendous power inside to make your weaknesses superior!