Life is Sailboat

When you sail, you can’t control the wind. Some days you get storms. Some days the water is so calm you go almost crazy with boredom.

But with a little practice you can make that boat go anyplace you’d like. It’s not easy and it’s not quick, but it’ll get you there.

A speed boat’s different. You could drive around the storms, or straight into the wind, or even up a narrow river.

But you can’t do that on a sailboat. You get on the water and you see what the weather gives you. Then you do what you can with it.

Your life is a sailboat. Learn to read the wind. Keep your hand on the tiller and you can get most anyplace you want to go.

I used to dream my life could be a speedboat. If only I had more money, or more talent, or more friends, then I could get where I wanted to go.

But that’s not the way it works. You’ve got a sailboat. You’ve got a tiller. You’ve got a sail. Where do you want to head?