The Olympics are for Amateurs, and that's why we love it!! I know they don’t stick to the ‘Amateurs Only’ rule so much anymore. But The Olympics are still beautiful and somehow pure. 

These athletes compete with perfection itself and we know they won’t leave us for a better contract elsewhere. No Olympian is going to leave Indianapolis, or Cleveland, or anyplace else for a bigger contract. These athletes are ours to love forever.

We don’t watch the Olympics because of what the athletes can do. We watch because they remind us of our better selves. In their success we see our own potential.

 Watching the fabulous five flip across the mats, or Phelps soar thru the water, or Boudia fall from the sky and slip into the pool with barely a splash isn’t just awesome or cool. It’s a spectacle that pounds in our blood and gives us reason to work harder.

Surely if they can rocket a double back handspring, we can take on a 2 mile jog. If they can find sponsors, we can hit the phones with new energy. If they can put in the training time, we can get the dishes done. And every 4 years we see athletes who are too old, who have moved on, who are building new lives, and we’re reminded that we can do the same.

The Olympics is for amateurs like me, my kids and my neighbors. You exist for us, and we love you for it. Thank you Olympics. Thank you athletes and coaches and organizers and sponsors.

Most of all, thanks to my wife and kids for watching with me. Your wide eyes and wild shouts of wonder were the best part.

Olympics, I hear you'll be in Sochi, Russia next. I've no idea where that is, but am sure we'll be watching...