Labor Day weekend is a time to honor labor… By not working?

So as my kids run and play, I sit here trying not to work. Because that’s what we’re supposed to do. But it's driving me nuts.

Then I feel guilty for not being unable to relax. The guilt stresses me out. My kids want to play and have fun, but I can't seem to get my head into it.

But I've learned, I can't ignore the stress. My to do list is long. It's overwhelming at the moment. Ignoring a to do list when you run your own company is like ignoring a storm on the sea in your sailboat. You just can't do it. The consequences are too ponderous. Life will come crashing in if you ignore the list.

What to do?

Get up early - check!

Grab your to do list - check!

Notice that most of the things you need to get done can't be done until Tuesday when the rest of the world returns to their offices - check!

Now my list is still there, but manageable. I hit the list with a passion. I update the database. I send emails to my writing partner. I take a moment to read the latest news on Obama, Romney & Ryan. Hahaha. Thank goodness I'm not screwing up as much as any of them appear to be - Check!

Now the list is done. I can relax. The beer is cold. The kids are smiling. The fish aren't biting. But who cares. I'm finally relaxed...

And I hope you are too. Happy Labor Day to you all!

And thanks to all of you who put so much Labor into this country. It is indeed time to honor our Labor... by taking a day off!