You cannot innovate unless you want to change. To want to change, you must believe you're not good enough. To believe you are not good enough, you must overcome your ego. Your ego wants to believe you are perfect. You must confront your ego and smash its dreams.

Once you know who you are, you will find great strength. You can begin making improvements. But if you don't first honestly assess your strengths and weaknesses, you can't improve.

Modern technology can help. Try video taping yourself at work, or when you play with your kids. You don't have to do it everyday, but take some video of yourself and watch it. Just set up a tripod at home, or flip the webcam at your desk to 'record' and leave it on all day.

Later, when you watch it, you get to become the audience. You can get that outside view of who you are. you may be shocked to see how tenderly you play with your baby, or how harshly speak to a co-worker.

If you want to engage people, you must first understand where they are. You must see the world (and yourself) from their point of view. So love your audience. Listen to their desires. Then give them what they want. They'll love you for it.