The Game of chicken is rarely a wise game. No matter how high the stakes, I suspect you are capable of finding a better way to make your argument.

The problem with a game of chicken is, the higher the stakes the more likely your opponent is to commit the game through to its end. And that end is a train wreck for you both.

You know this simple thing. Wise people don't play chicken. It's a dumb game.

Luckily, life provides many better options. You have the power to think for yourself, to find better choices, and this is a power you've already used so many times, thank you for being so strong.

When your branding is clear, you not only know what you stand for, your people do too. When your friends, neighbors, and team members already know your wisdom and values, they begin stepping aside or stepping up, helping you get more done. How would you describe your brand? What values do we get to promote when we help promote you? I'd love to hear more about yours. Please write back right away so we're all able to learn from your effort.