Why do people keep starting businesses when it's so hard? You go through all the hard stuff because something is driving you to insane effort. We call this insane effort Inspired.

Once you're up and running, your inspiration gets buried under legal issues, accounting processes, and sales cycle management. Barf!! Owners rarely love these stuffy spreadsheet concerns.

Here’s the secret: Customers dislike these stuffy spreadsheet concerns even more!

To find your brand, look back to the basics. Why did you start/takeover/hire-into this company? What inspired you to take the first step? Customers love connecting with inspired people.

Reconnect with the thing that got you started. What inspired you to get out of bed when the odds were against you? Why did you try so hard?

Whatever inspired you, build your brand around that. The feelings that inspire you are very likely to inspire me and my friends. And when your business can inspire us, you have something the competition can’t do.

We become incredibly loyal. We tell our friends. We want you to succeed. And suddenly all those stuffy spreadsheet concerns you were so worried about begin to disappear… almost like magic.