Building AUDIENCE could be the most important part of your brand.

Remember our previous post, your brand has 3 parts:

#1 - STORY - these are your logos, brochures, slogans, advertisements, etc...

#2 - STUFF - these are all the things you give a customer: your goods/services, convenience, cleanliness, customer service etc...

#3 - AUDIENCE (customers) - this is the group of people your STUFF is made to help. You get to choose your AUDIENCE, and when you do, you can drastically alter the STORY.

We detailed #1 (STORY) & #2 (STUFF) in that previous post.

This 3rd component, your AUDIENCE, is the key. There's a lot of opportunity here because many of your competitors will overlook it. They want to serve everybody. But you have wisdom and know the freedom you can find when you choose a specific AUDIENCE.

Think about a financial advisor. There are only so many mutual funds out there. Every other financial advisor has access to the same funds, the same STUFF. And financial advisors have almost no control over the STUFF. They certainly can't change the market. And since their competitors all have the same STUFF, their competitors all have the same STORY which means they all wind up with the same Brand...

But a financial advisor can control which AUDIENCE they choose to serve.

What if a financial advisor chooses only to work with single moms, or factory workers, or german born computer security programmers..? Suddenly their STORY jumps out. Sure, they've got the same STUFF as every other advisor, but by picking a specific AUDIENCE suddenly their STORY screams unique!!!

And we remember unique STORIES. They scream at us. They are remembered and retold. They go on to build powerful Brands.

Luckily, you know what it takes. You have the power. While your competitors waste time attempting to please everyone at once, you pick your favorite peeps and give them everything you've got. The moment you choose your AUDIENCE, we love you. We know where you belong. We know how to help you connect with them.

And trust me in this, if we're blessed enough to be chosen as your AUDIENCE, we will cheer. We love being chosen. We love feeling special. We love a business that exists just for us.