The concept of the hook has moved far beyond the music business. Originally used as a tool to build hit radio songs the hook is now ubiquitous. Bloggers, politicians, and business owners are constantly looking to reel in new readers, voters and buyers.

And now Facebook has gotten us all crafting the hook. How can we get more followers? More users. More attention!

With so many hooks being thrown out there, it's getting hard to even wade through my email without getting snagged.

Many people view the hook as a way to ensare attention, to grab a person's time. Is the hook a way to manipulate or trick people. Maybe for some writers it is.

But when I find a good hook, I still can't stop taking a bite. I remember the first time I heard Daft Punk's 'Get Lucky'. The hook just wouldn't stop. I kept listening. And I'm still listening, and I just can't stop grooving along. The smile won't stop. And as I shimmy across the kitchen floor, I'm reminded how lucky I am to have such an amazing wife. To have kids who love to dance and are willing to do it with me.

That simple hook has drawn me into great times. I love the childish lyrics combined with the complex bass and guitar rythms. I listen over and over... dancing every time.

So yes, I could agree. It might be easy to argue the world has too many hooks these days. Our inboxes overflow with them. Yet, when a hook really works, there's magic.

So when you find a really good hook, no need to fear. Just take a bite. If it's sour, you can dump it quick. But when it works... eating the hook just might be the first step of a long and fantastic dance.