I'm sure you all know "how to eat an elephant..." Conventional wisdom answers, "one bite at a time."

But what if you've got to get the elephant eaten on deadline, and that deadline's coming up quick. Then right after the elephant, you've got a brown bear, a donkey and a king cobra coming down the line.

You have two options. One is to simply chew faster. But this path leads to fatigue, heartburn, and, in the case of the king cobra, perhaps even death. It's rare that a truly important problem can be solved by simply chewing faster.

But, invite a few friends over for dinner and you'll find that elephant finished much faster. Call up a homeless shelter and you can get the entire thing gobbled quick, without even having to take a bite yourself.

When life overwhelms, and your elephants are stacking up so high you can't seem to see a way out, stop chewing. Look around. Are there hungry people nearby? Do you have friends willing to help? Surely there's a consultant handy, ready to dig you out quick.

Thank you for being the type who can offer so much to so many, for seeing so many options. For helping us see how even an elephant can be tackled with ease.