It's important to be unique. But it's even more important to be useful. A Purple Cow gets noticed. It draws attention. A Purple Cow that glows? Even better! Except, of course no one wants the milk. No one wants a purple steak.

But imagine the first steam engine, chugging wildly as it belches smoke into the sky. It was new, attention grabbing technology. It also happened to be wildly useful, allowing people to travel faster than ever before.

It seems an easy choice deciding to trade your horse and carriage for a steam engine. But trading horses for a Purple Cow... No way!!

It's not that hard becoming a Purple Cow. Standing out from the crowd is relatively simple. For instance, just spray paint your skin purple and stroll over to the local mall. I guarantee you'll get noticed. You'll attract attention. People will wonder why... But it won't make sense. Unless you have time to explain, it's hard for us to imagine any conceivable way your purple skin might help. What's the use of being purple?!

Forget the Purple Cow. You deserve something so much more than merely unique. You already are. You have everything inside it takes to be not only unique, but useful as well. Be the steam engine. Be yourself. Gift us the power you already feel inside.