You've already got fantastic STUFF, and you're ready to sell it. Now you just need a STORY that gets your STUFF noticed.

Before you write the STORY though, you need to know your STUFF the way customers know your STUFF. To connect with us, you've got to come at it from our angle.

This is the most difficult part. You know your STUFF inside and out. It's even become a part of you. And now, to see it the way customers do, you've got to somehow step away from yourself.

How can you see yourself from far away? Not easy. "It's hard to see the label from inside the bottle." But you've got to see exactly how you appear through someone else's eyes.

Luckily, you hold just the right amount of humility. You patiently know how to listen and respond. We've all seen adverts and sales calls that wrestle us down, jamming our faces right into their STUFF. And boy do we feel like pushing back. But you know the goal is easier.

So you stroll out to where we stand. You sit down at our level and ask our opinions. You encourage criticism of your style and take it in stride. Compliments roll out just as quickly too. You find both equally good as you listen enraptured by your customer's every word.

A STORY emerges. You bottle it up and take it back home. With polish and panache, you send it right back in return. And that's how you give us a STORY that'll leave us selling your STUFF to ourselves. 

Anytime you're in the mood, we love hearing about your STUFF. There are few greater joys than uncovering the intrigue your STORY deserves. Please feel free to call anytime.