I'll never forget my childhood piano teacher. Her house was the coolest. Largely because her husband collected Disney. Lots of Disney. I remember waiting in their parlor, surrounded by Mickey Mouse clocks, Goofy posters, Snow White quilts, Fantasia records, even an antique Disney telephone I could use to call my mom.

On the wall hung a framed certificate of Disney stock ownership. This guy bought Disney stock, just so he could hang it on the wall.

I remember loving that place.

It's hard to imagine ever getting so excited about a collection of 20th Century Fox or Paramount Studios materials. To be honest, if you gave me the name of any other studio (besides Disney) I doubt I could even name 5 of their films. Yes, they make cool films, and I remember them all, but the studio's name means nothing to me. They just make whatever movie they think might make money next week. There's no theme. No brand.

But Disney is special. Anyplace in the world I see the Disney logo, I know I'll get family fun entertainment that my wife and I can enjoy as much as the kids. We'll see any movie they put out. You don't have to show me a trailer or even tell me what it's about. Just tell us Disney made it and we'll buy tickets.

And because of their focus, we buy much more than just movie tickets. They get to spin out new businesses all over the world. Theme parks, cruise lines, retail outlets, we'll go anyplace bearing the Disney name because we know what to expect and trust them to deliver.

You can make plenty of money being a generalist. Paramount is no slouch. But there's something in you that seems capable of more. You know who you are. You take your stand and let the story run free. And when you hear your name echoed through every customer's words, you know we'll see you shining as Bright as Disney Himself.