Staring over the cliff, the clouds pass by below. It's impossible to even see the ground. Only the toughest minds are willing to jump into this unknown and wait until freefall to discover what's below.

But you've always wanted to fly and know you're strong. So you shrug the shoulders and leap into the clouds.

This is your moment. But the world is unlikely to follow. They prefer solid ground to stay under their feet. No matter how well they hate that cliff top, they almost all stay.

But you are gone, onto new adventures, no longer a part of their plans or their pastimes.

Then one day you return. You've learned so much value. You've been through so much. You survived that drop into the unknown, and found the power to climb again.

But people rarely want these mere ideas. It's hard to trust what they can't see. And this is why you bring treasure along, to share and to prove you can offer not only new horizons, but so many pots of gold to gain if we simply join up with your value, adventure, and charm.