Sometimes the world seems too heavy. It's so big. Our problems simply weigh too much.

But is this real or an illusion? Yes, problems are real. The world is filled with stumbling blocks, many of them huge. But they can't really weigh you down unless you pick them up.

You're right here, right now. Everything we worry about is out there, in the future. It's only when we pick the future up and start carrying it around that things get heavy. A problem on the path in front of me weighs nothing. It's only when I pick it up that it gains any power.

So for now, just set the future down. You don't need it yet. It'll come when it gets here. Save your incredible strength. The future will get here eventually. And when it does, you'll find it so much easier to hop, skip and jump right over your problems when you're no longer carrying them around.