Differentiating via Features part 2:

When Google's search engine hit the market, no one else could do what they did. Remember Altavista? Webcrawler? Infoseek? Google hit the market and just obliterated the competition because their search engine helped you find what you wanted faster. No one else could compete with this basic feature.

To say they won marketshare is a severe understatement. They became the market and had no serious competition for years.

What can you do that no one else can do? What can you build that no one else has built? What would you like to practice more than anyone else has ever practiced before?

When friends and neighbors see you toiling away at some distant dream, they'll call you crazy. They're not really comfortable with change.

And this is good. No one notices normal. But with the craziest and most ridiculous dreams, you become notorious. Just like Google, your name's creating conversation. And when your efforts begin to pay off, revealing polished results, we will gasp to see the many ways your irrationality becomes ingenius.