Invention often becomes easier if you first Adopt something new yourself.

Chinese alchemists Invented gun powder in the 8th century, and used it to make some beautiful fireworks. Local Armies quickly Adopted the new technology to make bombs, mines, then cannons and firearms.

George Beauchamp Invented the electric guitar in 1931. Musicians immediately Adopted the technology, Inventing Chicago Blues in the process. This in turn allowed the Invention of Rock n' Roll.

Barnes & Nobles Booksellers Adopted the concept of a giant bookstore with in-store amenities like coffee and information Kiosks from Powell's Books in Portland, OR. They Invented a behemoth business model that changed reading across the country for decades.

By Adopting's concept, Facebook Invented one of the fastest growing websites in the world.

Adopting Apple's app store and iPhone platform allowed for the Invention of Angry Birds, Evernote and many other successful games and apps.

We all hit walls. We all slide onto rough patches from time to time. True grit and determination are powerful things. Sometimes a simple Adoption can offer the traction your effort deserves.