You're doing the work. You're getting it out there, connecting with clients, making the world aware of all you have to offer. But sales are still less than fantastic, you've got 3 places to check.

First, check the STUFF you've been selling.

Next, check the AUDIENCE you've been telling.

Last, make sure the STORY has been compelling.

If you're putting in the effort but not enough is getting sold, it helps to first isolate the problem. You need better STUFF, a better AUDIENCE, or a better STORY. Sometimes you simply need better STUFF. So you work to make your STUFF more reliable, useful, or affordable. Or perhaps you simply need a better AUDIENCE, a bigger, richer, needier, more capable AUDIENCE. Check these two first. Odds are you've got 'em right. But it's always best to know for sure.

Once you're confident you've got the right STUFF and the right AUDIENCE, it's time to craft the right STORY. Help the AUDIENCE understand your STUFF and how it'll improve their lives. The STORY is how we learn and remember. It's also your chance to turn sales pitch to spellbinding.