There's an interesting paradox in business. We know the customer's always right. The customer is your AUDIENCE. They deserve to be loved.

But you can't put your AUDIENCE first until after you have some STUFF to bring them in. And they can't pay attention until after you have the STUFF they'll pay attention to.

So to get started, you've got to build STUFF before you have any AUDIENCE. Then you craft a STORY, to explain and promote the STUFF. Last of all, the AUDIENCE shows up to buy it.

So putting your AUDIENCE first when they actually arrive last is quite the trick.

This is why you've been given the power of imagination. You create imaginary profiles of the perfect AUDIENCE. How do they dress? Where do they vacation? What kind of car/restaurant/job/church/friendship do they prefer? Once you have the perfect profile of your perfect AUDIENCE down perfectly on paper, you can set out to make their dreams come true.

And then it's easy to find your ideal AUDIENCE becoming your real AUDIENCE as you already know every single one of them as if they're your own.