Coca-Cola has spent billions building its brand. Just seeing the logo can remind us of smiles, refreshing snow and happy families. Here are several other amazing billion dollar STORIES. Notice all are short enough to fit the side of a Pop-Bottle:

Apple has "Think Different". DisneyWorld is "Where Dreams Come True". Coca-Cola says "Open Happiness". Target wants us to "Expect more. Pay Less." Bose makes "Better Sound thru Research". Verizon Wireless asks "Can you Hear me Now?"

But beware of 2 and 3 word slogans. We can't follow the Fortune 500 playbook. These guys have billions of dollars at their disposal. The also have one other huge advantage. The public is ultra-familiar with their products. Everyone in America knows their STUFF!

Their slogans don't have to "inform". They merely serve to "remind" us of STUFF we already know. But you most likely don't have billions to spend. Your STUFF isn't world famous (yet!). So your STORY must serve a different purpose.

Your STORY can't afford to merely remind us who you are. Your STORY must tell us about your STUFF while simultaneously showing us why we'll care so much!

If you can do it in 2 or 3 words, fantastic. But don't be upset if it takes more.

In 1973, a completely unknown little pizza shop in Ypsilanti, MI became world famous with this simple STORY: "Fresh hot pizza delivered to your door in 30 minutes or less... or it's free." Dominos went from unknown to nationwide almost overnight, because their STORY not only told us about their STUFF, but made us want it too.

Yes, it's a full 15 words, often touted as the largest successful slogan of all time. It barely fits on the Pop-Bottle, just barely. And it worked.

To get your Pop-Bottle done up just right might take more than 2 words. Don't worry. Keep at it. Feel free to ask for help when the time feels right. When you've got the right STUFF, you deserve the best STORY. To talk about the Right STUFF, you can do it with the Write STUFF.