The first time I spent $23 on a hamburger was in Manhattan. And the burger sucked!!

Each year, the largest performing arts conference in the world converges upon the New York Hilton in Midtown Manhattan (54th & 6th). As showcases pop up all across the island, you can enjoy the newest ideas in theatre, dance and music.

But don't plan to eat in the area. Food in this hood is extremely expensive and excessively lame. Restaurants don't use the money you spend to procure quality ingredients and talented chefs. That's impossible! Because it all must go to paying rent. I learned the hard way several years back, spending $23 for an exceptionally mediocre burger and fries.

Walk just a few blocks west to 9th or 10th Ave, and you'll get twice the quality for half the cost. Conference attendees, especially the artists, have made that walk a habit. Why pay $30 for crap when you can amble only 3 blocks over for inspirational flavors that cost 15 bucks?

This is the power of location.

You see the same concept around the world. Burgers inside the Magic Kingdom are decidedly sub-par, but the prices are highger and lines longer than anyplace else in Orlando. If you want to eat the best New Orleans has to offer, locals know the French Quarter's the last place to go.

These businesses have learned one of the secrets. You don't have to be the best in the world. You only have to be best on the block. Once people are up on their feet, walking around, they get hungry. Their decision happens fast. They assume high price means high quality. Many never know the difference.

But you know the power of energy. You discern quality and are willing to work for it.

Imagine your AUDIENCE and all they might want. As you see through their eyes and discern their desire, you feel where they're going. And we'll watch with some awe as you grow in exactly the best spot they can find.