We all work for the best. Inspiring improvements is what you do.

But dead ends happen from time to time. And dead ends are tough. We've already invested so much time and energy just finding and fighting our way up to this point, we have to see it through. The end is so close. It's just beyond this wall, if only we could get through.

But your effort is too valuable to waste it butting your head against the bricks. When the going gets tough, keep going. When the going smashes headlong into that 3 story brick wall, it's ok to stop. Back up. Try a different route.

Getting through brick walls is not the goal. It's getting to the end that counts. So leave the alley. Get out of those dead ends. Take your time.

The world is like a crazy maze, and there are times when backing up is the only way to find forward progress again. Luckily, brick walls tend to be easy to find. Backing up is simple. And time is something you always receive more to work with tomorrow.