Your audience doesn't always understand why they love you.

For instance, you might sell Lamborghinis. And I, of course, would love to buy one of your products for myself. But I don't really want a tiny, uncomfortable car that gulps gas and breaks down all the time. What I really want is to go fast and feel cool. I believe your incredibly cool car will help me get to those exhilarating feelings. Odds are, being smart with your business, you'd know it too.

I might not even care about the drive. I'm still stuck in the same traffic after all. I buy for that moment the lane clears, and I get to floor it for a few moments. I buy for that moment I arrive at the party, where everyone watches me step out of that incredible machine.

Like most great products, there's more than one benefit we get to enjoy.

Have you ever noticed how food tastes better in fancy decor? Or the way lighting in a night club sets just the right mood? How is it a car's outside design can possibly affect my experience as I drive? As I drive, I'm only able to experience the inside of the car, and yet to most of us the outside design is even more important. Driving a comfortable car that's just ugly or dirty, it's like watching a movie without any mood music, or celebrating Halloween at high noon. The whole thing feels quite queerly off.

Everything you build, you build it for us. But our experience extends beyond your product itself. We even enjoy parts of the experience we may not be able to see. Can you separate out all the feelings I get to enjoy, those obvious ones on the surface, of course, but also those resting down where my own mind can't see?

Think to the future. What are your dreams. I'd love to hear more. If you could run any business, build any product in the world, what would it be? What would you sell?

Most importantly, what would I and your other customers love about it most?

Can't wait to hear more. I read and respond to every email. Your note will be one of my favorite parts of the week. Dreams are special. Especially when new businesses are involved. This is your dream. What would you sell?