The crowd is a blanket. Comfortable and safe. It feels so great to stay warm in the midst of that crowd. There are people to enjoy and danger feels so far away.

Inside that warm blanket, we all see the same things. We feel the same warmth. That shared perspective so friendly and safe. But that same blanket makes it hard to move, to see, to explore.

But some few love adventure, and learning new ways. Willing to leave the blanket behind, they step out into the cold. Where challenges race through the wild. Where the winds of change can chill to the bone.

And once you've left that blanket behind, you learn to make fire, discovering ideas and building opportunity. The blanket's long gone, yet you dance through the wild, surrounded by new light. And the crowd gives a whoop as you choose to return, with new gifts and the power you've grown to offer us all.