The unknown is scary. For instance, I’m still scared of the dark. Put me in a pitch black basement and I can’t even walk. I must run up those stairs!

But I’ve learned a secret. It’s not the basement that scares me. It’s the stories of what might be in the basement that scare me. And I can control those stories. So what if there is a big bad monster in the closet? It might be true. But so far, I’ve been safe.  So it’s only logical to assume, if there’s a big monster in my closet, there must be an even bigger monster under my bed, protecting me. I’m sure of it. And I sleep soundly!

This is why sales are so hard. Every time you pitch someone a new idea or product, you’re walking down into that dark basement. It’s not the dark we’re scared of, it’s the unknown. And that’s what sales is, exploring the unknown.

You propose a change. You can’t control the other person’s decision. You propose the change and attempt to persuade, then wait to see what happens. And no matter what you do, some people are still going to say “NO”. It’s their decision, and in the end, you can’t control it.

But you can control your reaction. You need not fear the unknown. The story is yours. Put the biggest monsters in your corner, and the dark becomes your element. You’ll find this a powerful thing. Learn to enjoy the dark because the deepest darkest basements are where the treasures lie.