The problem with dreams? They're opaque, like ornate vases at the art museum. Dreams are beautiful to look at, but you can’t see what’s inside. Some dreams hold great possibility. Others are hollow. But sitting on the shelf, they all look the same, gorgeous, attractive, and waiting. Our mind values the waiting too much.

People who cherish their dreams too much can’t do sales. Once you crack the dream open & look inside, it's ruined.

Every phone call and every meeting start with a dream. But when you ask for the buy, you’re tossing that dream across the room. It’s precious. It’s fragile. And the other person might not catch it. Your dream could smash upon the wall and many do.

But what’s the point of a dream if you aren’t willing to crack it open and look inside?

Go ahead. Toss a few dreams across the room. Many will break, but don’t worry, dreams are endless. You can always find another.

Don’t be selfish. Smash your dreams. Let’s see what they've got inside.

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