Most businesses crave word of mouth marketing. They try to cram their stories into the customers' mouths. It never works. 

When Burger King launched their BK Stackers ad campaign, it was like they threw a gauntlet down. Their slogan, "Are you up for a BK Stacker?" literally challenging us to prove our mettle. Can we beat their sandwich down to the last bite?!?

The ad came and went. I forgot all about it.

Then last week, I fell into conversation with a friend at Burger King. He proudly states, "I'm a BK Stackers kind of guy...". On his tray I see not one, but two BK Double Stackers. As we talk and he finishes, I know. This is not his meal. It's his accomplishment.

While I'm glad it isn't my accomplishment, I'm still impressed. And I realize my friend is telling me a lot about himself. He's tough. He's all about the meat. He loves a challenge. And he knows how to win.

And it hits me. It's in his choice of words. "I'm a BK Stackers kind of guy." My friend isn't telling me about his meal. He's telling me about himself. He's using the meal as a way to express himself to the world. Burger King only provides the tools. The expression is his.

You know the power of your audience. Our self-expression is big and important. Every time we use your products, you have the opportunity to become part of our story. So gift us the tools to talk about it. Help us articulate who we are, and we'll thank you by telling the world.