Luke Skywalker didn't go to the hottest space academies. There were no boarding schools or professional tutors to train him.

What if he had been the richest of kids, with the most loving parents, and been valedictorian at the top flight school? Then he saves the world. Ugh! Another perfect person doing another perfect thing. Boring!

What makes Skywalker's story so compelling is that he has no parents, is stuck on a farm in the desert, and can only dream of adventures in outer space. So when he goes on to beat the empire, succeeding where every other pilot has failed, we cheer!

Watching perfect people live perfect lives isn't fun or interesting. If you want people to pay attention, you don't need to be perfect. It's only through your weakness that we get to see how strong you can be.

If you want a compelling brand, an interesting bio, a company history people care about, remember The Strength of Weakness.