You put in the effort. You learn the lingo and study the numbers. You climb to the highest peaks of human accomplishment, for it is here that you find the brightest ideas.

But bright ideas are only half the journey. If you hold them up on top of the mountain, few can ever see them. It's when you bring those ideas back down to sea level, where we all can understand, that they're able to sail far and wide.

You see many who stay up top. So proud to have made it so high, they never want to leave. Eventually, they forget even how to climb. Their ivory towers dot the sky. They become trapped inside, surrounded by treasures few will ever see. Their highfalutin words unable to convey the brilliance inside.

But you are a climber, moving up and also down, conversing with those at every level. Your body and mind grow strong and limber. And through this churning, your ideas turn so fluid you watch as they rush to the sea, beginning to flow round the world on their own. And this is how your ideas learn to spread, while taking no effort at all.