What if you could put magic in your words, if every customer wanted to talk about you. Could there be a secret key. Check out the radio. Hit songs are chock full of metaphor for a reason. Your AUDIENCE loves them.

For example, check this out this lyric:

Pretty Diamond, in the rough
She's a diamond, full of special stuff
And really Tough
Pretty diamond, in the rough
I just hope it's enough...

The metaphor is like a magic trick. It forces us out of our rational mind and fires the imagination. A diamond cannot be a girl, nor a boy. The phrase is irrational. It's impossible. It makes no sense, unless we use our imagination. And with our imaginative interpretation, we suddenly see the girl is beautiful, precious, hard, sharp, multi-faceted, adored, and much much more. The moment we turn on our imaginations, we begin writing your Story for ourselves. Your Story becomes our Story.

And this is the secret behind hit songs. We love to share our favorite songs with a friend, not because we want to promote someone else's record, but because that record helps us better express ourselves. When I tell you about my favorite songs, I'm telling you about me and who I am. And this is the songwriter's dream, that their Audience want to tell the world, "That's my song!".

Now think about the words you use to describe your company. Your products. Your ideas. Are you describing your effort and accomplishments, the features and benefits you have to offer, hoping I'll take time out of my day to think about you, to tell someone else about you. Or are you describing your offerings in such a way that I can use what you do as a way to talk about myself?

So consider a metaphor. Keep the magic alive. As you build your brand and tell your story, what are the best words to inspire us to repeat it. Are you trying to accurately describe what you do? Or are you offering us a way to use your STUFF so we can go tell the world about ourselves.

You have it all inside. And we can't wait to learn more. How do you describe what you do. All you offer. I'd love to hear your ideas, to have new ways to tell the world about you. Please comment when you're able. Can't wait to hear more about you and your incredible Stuff!