The whole point of a campaign is to gather people to a common cause. Marketing campaigns are no different. So before you build the campaign, you must have a common cause.

You already have a mission and care deeply about it. People need your mission to succeed. It can help them immensely. There's pressure to make it happen fast.

So we look at the tools. We have direct mail, trade journals, radio, TV, or AdWords, Twitter, Facebook, email and more. The variety is overwhelming. Your choices grow complex.

To simplify, craft the message first. The tools can carry your words so far, but it's the words themselves that hold the power.

Why will they care? Your message deserves powerful words, words worth shouting from the rooftops. To get others to shout your message from their own rooftops, that's awesome, and you have the power to help them do it.

The tools are merely tools. They keep changing, evolving, becoming more powerful. It's your message that moves hearts, and changes minds. Your message keeps the whole team marching in formation. It's the essence of graceful. When you take that step further, and customers begin joining the march, then you know you've found the message that's worth much more than gold.