Engages: Fear
-Part 1 : "What is the enemy, and why is it bad?"
-Part 2 : "Show how your product/service will conquer this problem and make life good again"
Examples: Rush Limbaugh, Orkin, diet books, life insurance, the snuggie, etc...

Remember that phrase from the Gulf War, "the enemey of my enemy is my friend"? This is how The Rallying Cry works. It helps your audience (customers) join you to focus on a common enemy. The enemy doesn't have to be human. It can be a situation or inconvenience. A common enemy makes you a trusted ally. People suddenly become much more interested in rallying around your ideas, products and services when you are attempting to help them vanquish a foe.

It's easy to see that politicians use this Hook relentlessly, especially in today's bi-partisan Washington. They spend much more time pointing fingers and laying blame than seeking solutions.

But you can also see this hook used to build business. Remember the Snuggie? They utilized The Rallying Cry quite effectively. Their ads depicted normal people, on a couch, struggling to get comfortable with a blanket. These were everyday, if exagerrated, annoyances we all endure. We've all struggled to use a remote, or to eat popcorn with a blanket. It's annoying and the ad reminds us to fear it will happen again.

Once the common enemy is outlined, viewers understand the problem. When Snuggie offers a solution, audiences jumped to buy. They trust the manufacturer who shares their annoyance and decide to buy that manufacturer's solution.

Snuggie's Rallying Cry bashed the established brand of 'blanket'. And it worked!

-Orkin builds The Rallying Cry around fears of bugs and pests.
-WeightWatchers builds their Rallying Cry around a fear of weight
-Allstate's "Mayhem" commercials rally us around a fear of disaster so they can focus us on their solution
-Rush Limbaugh has proven extremely successful by focusing audiences on a fear of "the other side of the political aisle".

These examples might make The Rallying Cry appear trite and rude, but it can also be used to save the world. Abraham Lincoln used the Confederacy's attack of Ft. Sumter as a Rallying Cry that put the entire North behind him, politically for the first time, ready to fight for our Union. FDR used The Rallying Cry to get America into World War II, saving Europe from Hitler. Al Gore's film used it to help Americans accept global warming as an enemy.

The NFL uses The Rallying Cry to engage fans in a united effort to cheer for their team. Arch Rivals like Tom Brady and Peyton Manning rally fans to both sides, selling tickets, jerseys, and entertaining millions every Sunday afternoon.

You've found a problem. You know how to solve it. To get your solution out into the world where it can improve lives, you've got to help others understand its value. Are you working to oust a bigger, more established brand? Do you have grievances or annoyances in common with your audience? Are you working to help solve their problems? If so, The Rallying Cry may be waiting for you!

We can't wait to see the world rally around your idea. Nothing wins like a great solution.

Stay tuned for part 2: 6 Ways to Hook Your Audience (ie - Customers) - part #2 - Laughing at the Leader