Imagine you're in the White House. You've just been voted president! But the Union is falling apart. 6 states have already announced their independence and declaring themselves a separate country.

Senators and Congressmen of these 6 states have been planning for a bit. Many war supplies and much ammunition has already cleverly been diverted for storage in their lands. Britain and France would both love an excuse to invade. Further, the American people do not want war.

Life isn't made fair, and it isn't made easy. Luckily, we have options.

Abraham Lincoln could do nothing until being sworn in March 4th, 1861. Even after, there was little support for war. So he ignored all claims of independence and maintained Fort Sumter in the middle of Charleston's harbor.

The Confederates, upset that Washington controlled a Fort in their harbor, decided to take it over. The moment they fired on Fort Sumter, they raised the ire of every person in the North. Those who'd been unwilling to fight are suddenly volunteering for war. Lincoln had his Rallying Cry and the Confederacy initiated their own defeat.

Though your dreams are big, its rare that others can see your bigger picture. Sometimes the Rallying Cry is ready and waiting. Sometimes you have to stay content with just protecting Fort Sumter for now.