"I would have written less, but I ran out of time." -Blaise Pascal

It's easy to write a lot of words. The difficult part, as any Twitter expert will attest, is writing less. A 1,000 word essay often seems to get written faster than its 3 word title.

After writing songs for 10 years, I feel I should be used to brevity. When clients want a slogan, shouldn't it be simple? But no. Three words takes more effort than 3,000. I continue to labor under this fantasty that writing should happen as fast as I can type. But it doesn't. Writing less takes more.

Case in point, I just spent the past 5 and a half hours at my desk to script only 7 words. They are: "The Kiss of Thirst" and "Hug Their Heartstrings", which are the next two types of hooks we'll be covering. More tomorrow.

Luckily, you have patience. You have knowledge. And there are few problems that cannot be solved with the application of time. Thanks for using yours so wisely.