ENGAGES: Envy, admiration, vanity and self-improvement

Step 1: Give your audience a taste of something they want
Step 2: Show them how your product, service or idea can help them get more of it.

EXAMPLES: Rolls Royce, L'Oreal, Burberry, Victoria's SecretRolex, Cadillac and much much more...

This hook may at first seem obvious, but a few surprises lurk.

We all know the old cliché, “Sex Sells”. But this cliché too often misses the point. People don’t buy a shirt or a car or a specific type of shampoo because they believe the product will get them sex. They buy because they believe the product can make them more attractive. These products Kiss the Thirst we all have to be more attractive and better admired.


Think about the photos used to sell L'Oreal, Cosmopolitan, Revlon, or Burberry. These products are all purchased by women. If they were selling sex, the photos would need to feature attractive men. But they don't. The photos aren't selling sex; they're selling attractiveness. We buy not because we want to have the people in the ad, but because we aspire to be the people in the ad.

Living with Thirst is part of the human condition. We all want to be more important, more attractive, and more powerful. Just kiss the thirst lightly, and it can drive decisions in almost any direction you choose.

Even the models in these ads wish they were more attractive. Their photos are air-brushed and photoshopped because even the most attractive can't satisfy the thirst for more.


Men also wish to be more attractive. But you'll notice the focus is often on status and power in lieu of physical attraction.

Notice this Youtube video promoting Rolls Royce. We see the stunning woman alone in a mansion. She hears a Rolls Royce coming near and starts to run. In the end she's standing outside the front gates, watching as the Rolls Royce drives by. She's stares intently, with perhaps a bit of longing in her eyes, at the driver of the car.

Notice she's not watching the car. She's watching the driver! Meanwhile, the man driving the car is ignoring her completely. Her incredible beauty is of no interest to him.

The message is clear. By driving this car, the man becomes even more attractive than a fashion model. Rolls Royce is offering us the Kiss of Thirst. Do we subconsciously begin to believe it? If I buy a Rolls Royce, will it make me more attractive?

Maybe. Try pulling up at your favorite hotel in a Rolls Royce. I suspect you'd attract plenty of attention from everyone present.


But if you're like me, you see we don't need the right car, or the right shampoo, to be attractive. Intelligence, humor and the spark of life are worth more.

You likely thirst for more than mere physical beauty. You desire something better than luxury. And when you find a kiss that ignites this thirst for something better, you race to catch it.

I see this in my own life. My wife is truly beautiful. I can't believe how gorgeous she can be. She looks amazing. But it's her easy laugh that gained my attentions. Her sharp wit that kept me coming back for more. And that special energy resting just behind her eyes that made me fall in love. And when you find that kind of love, you hold on tight, because that's the kind that lasts forever.

The Kiss of Thirst is most easily demonstrated when looking at the beauty industry or a luxury product line, but this is only one facet of this hook. The Kiss of Thirst is also key to creating admiration, inspiration and self-improvement.

We've been enjoying your questions and look forward to more. Stay tuned as we’ll be discussing more on The Kiss of Thirst very soon.