As discussed in a previous post, the Kiss of Thirst is often misunderstood. It can easily appear manipulative, and seems focused on vanity. But it's also the key to sparking admiration, inspiration and self-improvement.

Think of ads from Under Armor, Nike and Wheaties. They utilize the Taste of Thirst to inspire our action. We see these amazing people managing a prowess that seems beyond human. Their image inspires us to try harder too.

Notice they give us just a "Kiss of Thirst", not a "Body Check of Thirst" Seeing a poster of Michael Jordan's slam dunk is inspiring, but a game of one on one basketball with the dude would probably cripple my confidence. The lighter the kiss, the more effective this hook.

And Nike knows this too. So they only use the tiniest kiss of greatness to inspire us all. Just feeling close to these athletes inspires us to keep jogging. We get to stay in better shape because of their example. Nike helps us connect the two. We're inspired to exercise. They're selling shoes. And it works! People keep buying because Nike knows how to 'Kiss the Thirst' in a way that leaves us inspired and keeps us working in the gym.

You don't need us to figure out your best strategy forward. Start experimenting today. Find your best hook. Show 'em all you have to offer, and start growing faster now.

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