Why do we associate the following with Thanksgiving::

PilgrimsIndiansTurkeyMacy's paradeFootball. Family. TravelShopping. Laughing children. Kissing cousins...?

Since we associate all these images with the day, they're all part of the 'Brand' of Thanksgiving, a day of thanks for the founding of America, the peace of the pilgrims and Indians, and the harvest that helped them through the winter.

But Thanksgiving didn't become a national holiday at Plymouth Rock. It started a century later. In 1863 President Abraham Lincoln was leading this country through a horrible civil war.

Lincoln created Thanksgiving in a national proclamation to boost moral and to give thanks for our blessings.

Why do we still recall the pilgrims, but forget Lincoln's contribution? Did you know F.D.R. changed the date of Thanksgiving to accommodate a longer Christmas shopping season?

Stories have a way of growing beyond their beginnings. What's your story? Are you hoping it'll grow wild or tending carefully to its health?

For me, I'm equally thankful for the Pilgrims, for Lincoln, and for you. Thanks-4-giving me so much to be thankful for this holiday season. You fill this great democracy with ideas, with actions, and with words that make it all worthwhile.

What's your story, and how will it be remembered?