We struggle to build our ideas and our business. We think, if only the world knew, if only the media would pay attention. Success is just one Oprah interview away.

Then we look over at K-Mart and J.C. Penney, Oldsmobile and Pontiac. We realize publicity is not enough. They are well known but not well loved. Their names do not generate leads or sales. Customer referrals are rare.

We honestly don’t even know what to say, “please buy my Oldsmobile. It’s just like a Buick, but with a different logo!!!” or “let’s go to K-Mart. It’s just like Walmart, but more run down.” Even Oprah would struggle to make us care!

Publicity is not enough. So what if we're aware. Why should we care?

You not only have to introduce yourself, you must help us remember. Luckily, you have what it takes. Share your passion. Why did you start this business? Inspire us with everything you put into it. Show us why you love what you do, and we will likely love it too.

Why not start right now? What's your business; Why do you love it?