Wow! Found some irrefutable proof the dollar will collapse in 2013. Of course, it was also predicted to collapse in 2012. And in 2011. And again in 2010.

2009? Yep, another collapse.

Is this data manipulated? For sure! For any opinion you'd like to espouse, simply drop a few words into Google and you're handed boatloads of supporting evidence.

Here are a few more evidence based opinions for you. Robots will destroy humanity. A coming return to the Ice Ages will end civilization as we know it. The White House's Secret Service employs space aliens.  The Walt Disney Corporation is suppressing evidence that Mermaids are real

Try it. Any cause, opinion or belief you'd like to support, Google has your evidence ready. The Republicans are destroying America. No, wait! The Democrats are destroying America. No, wait wait wait!! It’s actually FLORIDE!! that’s destroying America.

It seems Google isn't filled with facts. It’s filled with stories. And what happens if you ignore them all? Not much.

Here are a few more stories you might like ignoring: Running a business is harder than running for president. Obamacare will destroy small businessBanks won’t give you a loan. Bankruptcy reform will ruin any owner who fails.

You see all the stories stacking against you and you plow ahead regardless. Because you know the widest screens and highest fidelity are saved for stories that are more scary than they are likely. Whether it's Obamacare or fiscal policy, Robotic apocalypses or mermaid invasions, they're still just stories.

And you and your business have stories too. And this is where you focus your energy. You develop the main characters. You overcome the obstacles, beat the odds and push the many plot lines forward. And on the world's smallest screen, the perfect ending to this very real story will one day unfold before your own two eyes.