Motivation is a funny thing. How do we get and stay motivated?

Apparently, it's also tough to define. Merriam-Webster says 'motivation' is:

1 a: The act or process of motivating

b: The condition of being motivated

2: A motivating force, stiumulus, or influence

Try looking up 'Motivate' and they say:

1: to provide with a motive.

It all starts sounding a bit circular. Motivation provides a motive for motivating motivation. Is the entire process circular? After all, when we 'self-motivate', we are "making ourselves do something we don't want to do because we want to do it."

Perhaps motivation is less about effort and more about momentum. Once you are up and moving, we begin to associate you with motion. Motion becomes your brand. We expect it. Knowing we are watching keeps you moving. We become a motivating influence. You strive to meet our expectations.

This is why your brand is so critical. your brand is not only who you are. It's who you are becoming.

So start now. Lay out the path. Start moving in the direction you want to go. Take your first step, then a second. Make it clear to us why you're moving and where you're going. Then we'll know how to help.

We like things we know. We crave more of them. Once we know who you are, we will know which direction you should be going, and we'll demand it!

You get motivated, and we get to be part of it. And trust me, there's no way to give us more pride than to make us an important part of your progress.