When planting a tree, the most important thing is getting the right seeds and putting 'em in the right spot. Add a small bit of rain, sunshine, and the tree takes it from there. The tree does all the work. You get all the glory.

Now about that money tree. When you have the right products and you've connected with the right customers, business gets really easy. You capture the public's imagination. Smart people see the opportunity you've discovered and come alongside to help. Investors, consultants and customers want to be part of it. Your tree starts growing faster, even as you step back to watch.

I recently overheard a very successful serial entrepreneur tell a friend, "When it's good, it's easy. When you have the right idea, the idea does all the heaviest lifting for you."

Does your idea bring you freedom, or are you giving away your freedom to save the idea?

All too often, we're seduced by hard work. It feels good. Our life feels filled. We beat our chest in pride. We brag about 80 hour weeks and long business trips. Our money tree grows greedier, until we're giving it everything we have...

Some things can't be fixed with improved efficiency, a better process or a new brand. Sometimes the fix is easier than all that. Because ideas are the easiest thing in the world to find. Read. Ask. Listen. Think. Repeat.

Your great idea is out there, just waiting to be found, and planted, and watered... And the moment your incredible efforts combine with that perfect idea, it all gets easier. Your money tree does all the work, and you get all the glory.