The sales process is like a river. I'm on this side. You and your products are way over there on the other bank. If you want me to buy, you need to coax me all the way across that river.

So you dream of a bridge. A nice big super-highway would make it so easy to get me over to your side.

Problem is, I don't really want to cross the river. I chose to be on this side for a reason! I'd rather avoid the sales pitch and keep my money. So after you pile a small fortune into that nice beautiful bridge, nobody uses it. Your money's down the drain.

But a stepping stone is easy. It's interesting. I feel safe to explore. I'm not running across the river into your sales pitch. I'm simply stepping out to see the river. I'm so close. I feel completely in control and know I can step right back whenever I want.

Think about your advertisements, a Youtube video for example. Try placing an entire bridge on that video and I guarantee it'll sink under it's own weight. Simple psyche-physics.

I avoid bridges. My assistants know I don't want more sales pitches. I click to close long before  I'm even halfway across. But what if your video doesn't have the whole bridge. What if it's just a tiny stepping stone, a few moments to pique our curiosity.

"What's this? I don't know. Interesting. Let me explore..." We watch it and whammo... You've gotten us to take that first step. We're now on the river, a step closer to you and your sale.

Maybe we google your brand or search you on LinkedIn and BAM! Suddenly we're two steps out, making our way across the river.

And keep in mind, the main page of your website is not a canoe. It doesn't need to carry us far. It's simply one more step. Make it easy for us to find what we want. Help us find our way.

Keep it simple. Stoke our curiosity. Place your stones where we can find them easily and in our own time. Let us explore. If the steps stay interesting, we will find our way across. We will meet you and your opportunity.

Don't make it too easy. Bridges are boring. Stepping stones fascinate.